Osram Lok-it! 1200 W 80 V/32/P50

Osram Lok-it! 1200 W 80 V/32/P50


Key Features & Benefits

  • The compact design and short arc gap allows for smaller & brighter fixtures.

  • Fast lamp replacement with one-touch rotate & lock base and socket design.

  • Robust with XS technology, allowing up to 450°C at the pinch seal.

  • Consistent lumen output over the life of the lamp.

  • Improved ceramic bases allow high voltage up to 35kV.

  • Higher luminous efficiency than conventional HID lamps leads to higher fixture efficiency.


  • Club lighting.

  • Exhibition lighting.

  • Lighting for major events.

  • Stage, studio, television.

Typical Fixtures

  • Follow spots and moving head fixtures.

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