Philips MSR Gold™ 700 SA/2 DE 1CT/4 SFC10-4

Philips MSR Gold™ 700 SA/2 DE 1CT/4 SFC10-4


Product family information

To optimize the total lifetime of the double ended MSR Gold™ SA Double Ended lamps, the caps are plated with gold. This provides superior heat protection and thereby minimizes premature failure of the lamp and lamp holder, as well as ensuring extended consistent performance. In addition, the highly innovative P3 technology, developed by Philips, allows the lamp to be used at higher temperatures, which further extends service life and consistency of high-quality light output.


  • Enables use at higher temperature in any burning position . Longer lifetime, fewer early failures, consistente performance over time.

  • Pure, white light; color point close to black body line. Consistente color impression over MSR Range

  • Reduces early lamp or lamp holder failures.


  • Philips Pinch Protection

  • MSR filling

  • Gold plated lamps caps


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