Hof Halutec Truss HOFPRO X300V 250CM

Hof Halutec Truss HOFPRO X300V 250CM


Item no. P1129042500

The standard truss-size in the world of trusses is HOFPRO X300V. Lightness and flexibility are the main characteristics of HOFPRO X300V series. Its conical connection secures a fast and safe assembly. HOFPROX300V is ideal to use for fixed installations or for (small) stages, but also for: Exhibition booths, geometric body for billboards and decorative constructions.

HOFPRO X300V delivers easy handling and high performance.

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  • Length: 2500 mm

  • Tube: 50 x 2 mm

  • Bracing: 16 x 2 mm

  • Material: EN AW 6082 T6

  • EUROCODE 9 tested

  • TÜV tested factory

  • incl. conical connector set (a 4x conical connector, 8x trusspin, 8x r-clip)

  • Weight: 15,9 kg

  • Powder coating by request

Ideal for:

  • small stage roofs

  • booth construction