Osram L BLUE UVA 8 W/78 G5

Osram L BLUE UVA 8 W/78 G5


Product family benefits

  • Eco-friendly, chemical-free.

  • High quality and long service life.

  • Ideal for insect traps and other UVA applications.

  • Emits effective long-wave UVA.

  • Different form factors enable freedom of design.

  • RoHS-compliant.

  • Lead-free.

  • Low mercury content.

Areas of application

  • Insect traps

  • Cosmetic nail curing

  • Manufacture of printed circuit boards

  • Tempering and curing of photosensitive material

  • Fluorescent exciter for scientific and criminological investigations

  • Manufacture of dental prosthetics

  • Testing of banknotes and credit cards

  • Terrarium illumination

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