LEMARK Fita Passa Cabos Slipway™ Cable Cover

LEMARK Fita Passa Cabos Slipway™ Cable Cover

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Block out light spills
Take control of light spills with BlackTak™ Light Masking Foil. A self-adhesive, heat-resistant foil, capable of resisting temperatures up to 180°c once applied***. Designed specifically for use in the professional TV, theatre and movie industry.

Matt Black, Non-Reflective Top Surface
The ultra-discreet, non-reflective top surface minimises reflection from ambient light. This helps BlackTak™ Light Masking Foil to go as unnoticed as possible, ideal for most professional lighting environments.

Recycled Packaging (Mini Roll Blister Packs)
Our blister packs are made from recycled plastic.

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  • Self-adhesive cable cover / tunnel tape

  • Adhesive-free, laminated centre

  • Highly visual black/yellow design

  • Printed ‘CAUTION’ in three languages

  • Plain matt black finish also available for discrete applications

  • Easy to tear by hand

  • Durable

  • Puncture resistant

  • Residue resistant adhesive*

  • Conferences & exhibitions

  • TV studios

  • Theatre stages

  • Schools

  • Sports halls

  • Arenas

  • Airports

  • Music & theatre tours

  • Maintenance services

  • Hotels

  • Health & safety

  • Colour Options

  • Hazard Black/Yellow

  • Matt Black

  • Chroma Green

  • Standard Sizes

  • 145mm x 30m